Producing Quality Beverages Since 1986

An Innovative Leader in the Soyfoods Industry

American Soy Products, Inc. (ASP) is dedicated to the development of the highest quality food products and processing technologies. This Michigan-based corporation, founded in 1985, is a Japanese/American joint venture partnership. The original plant was built in 1986 and was soon converted into a full organic operation. Today, American Soy Products is the largest North American soymilk producer and a recognized leader in the expanding low acid foods aseptic processing industry.

American Soy Products produces high quality soymilk from organically grown soybeans, filtered water, barley, barley malt and other ingredients.

Using Japanese engineering, ASP employs a process designed to properly prepare soybeans for human consumption. Only whole organic soybeans are used and the entire process -- from start to finish -- takes an hour and a half.

Soymilk is used as a food beverage, as well as a cooking and baking ingredient. It has no cholesterol, is high in protein, low in sodium and lactose free.

The company contracts directly with organic soybean farmers located in a six-state area in and around Michigan. ASP is also active in the export of organic food grade soybeans to Japan.

In strategic partnership with Eden Foods, Inc., headquartered in Clinton, Michigan, ASP supplies America's most popular soy- milk, to more than 10,000 specialty retail stores and supermarkets in all 50 states, as well as throughout Canada. Made with organic soybeans and sweetened with barley malt and comes in three flavors (original, vanilla, and carob) as well as a vitamin and mineral fortified version.

In addition to manufacturing soy beverages, ASP pioneered a new beverage segment by creating a 100% fruit and vegetable combination called VRUIT. A healthy alternative to cola, sodas, and juice "drinks," VRUIT--made with 100 percent pure and natural ingredients and added Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene-- is available in four varieties--Apple Carrot, Orange Veggie Blend, Berry Veggie and Tropical Blend. ASP also recently introduced a new line of soy beverages called SOY FUSION, in two flavors, Berry and Matcha Green Tea. ASP also employs the latest methods in both low and high acid food processing technology and aseptic packaging. These processes enable ASP to fill an aseptic package with a product which then has an indefinite shelf life without refrigeration. ASP currently employs 42 people at its newly expanded 65,000-square-foot facility in Saline, Michigan.

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