About Us

Our History and Evolution

American Soy Products, Inc. was established in 1986 as one of the first low-acid aseptic soymilk producers in the United States. Edensoy Soymilk, originally produced in Japan, created a new non-dairy liquid food category in the American grocery market.

Our success in the soy beverage market established us as one of the top producers and allowed us to branch out into other aseptic food products. Today, we produce a variety of cooking stocks and broths, juices, soups, liquid pet foods and supplement drinks for the medical foods market. We recently added premium, ready-to-drink tea to our production capabilities.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

We have a long commitment to continuous improvement and are dedicated to supplying our customers with beverages and liquid foods that are safe and high quality. We achieve this by maintaining an HACCP quality system that is independently audited by an internationally recognized auditing agency.

Our company goals include:

  1. Provide safe, wholesome and innovative food products.
  2. Provide value to our customers, employees, shareholders, vendors and all of the people who consume the food products we produce.
  3. Deliver on quality, safety, traceability, and consistency in the daily operations of the company.

Our management and staff are involved with all aspects of production, starting with the sourcing of raw materials through the delivery of the finished product. We understand our responsibility to uphold our customers’ requirements and strive to maintain a culture of continuous improvement. Our HACCP team is firm in its directive to monitor, validate and verify our safe quality food programs. ASP has an established food safety program and quality development team, and provides all employees with the training and support needed to execute continuous quality improvement.

American Soy Products Inc. is committed to safe, quality foods to ensure the success of our company, our employees and our customers.